Whippets look a good deal like Greyhounds but they are smaller,
so they are often assumed to be young Greyhounds.
However, Whippets are a breed unto themselves.

Whippets are kin to Greyhounds, and are a member of a group of
hounds known as sighthounds, which include Greyhounds,
Afghan Hounds, Salukis, Borzois (Russian Wolfhounds), and others.

Sighthounds are distinguished by their visual acuity
and their dependance on their eyesight for hunting (hence the name).
Sighthounds also tend to be lean, deep chested, and leggy.

Can they run really fast?
Whippets are swift and agile runners.
They can sprint at 35.5 mph,
which is about 5 mph faster than a domestic
cat or a white-tailed deer.

Whippets are bright, playful, exuberant, noble,
graceful, loyal, affectionate, independent, and they
enjoy playing practical jokes.